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Rules of Card Golf ©
Important Points to Remember
· At the start of each hole you should always have 14-cards in your hand, which represent the 14 golf clubs in your golf bag.
· You must equal or exceed the yardage on each hole; you can’t be under the yardage.

Object: Get the lowest combined score over the span of 18-holes. The player with the lowest 18-hole total is the winner.

Set-up: Select a golf course scorecard from any golf course in the world. Use one-deck of Club Cards for 2 players. Use two-decks of Club Cards for 4 players. Shuffle the deck and then deal each player 14 Club Cards. The remaining cards are then shuffled and placed face down in the New Club Card Pile.

Order of Play: The order of play on the first hole can be determined however you’d like. The order of play on each subsequent hole mirrors real golf in that the player with the lowest score on the previous hole plays first on the next hole. The player with the lowest score on each hole also gets to draw new Club Cards first.

Playing the Game: Play begins on hole #1. Each player must evaluate the total yardage of the current hole as it is listed on the scorecard to determine which Club Card(s) to use. The object of each hole is to combine the Club Cards in your hand so that the yardages of those Club Cards when added together equal, or go over by as few as possible, the yardage of the hole as it is listed on the scorecard. The fewer Club Cards a player uses, the fewer number of strokes that player gets on each hole. Each Club Card used counts as one stroke. The player whose turn it is must form his/her combination of Club Cards and then place the Cards face up directly in front of them. After all players complete the hole and the scorekeeper has noted the scores on the scorecard, all of the cards used on that hole are placed face up in a communal discard pile. The player with the lowest score draws first from the New Club Card Pile, and takes as many new cards as needed to rejuvenate his/her hand to 14 cards. After all players have drawn new cards, the players move on to the next hole. When all of the cards from the New Club Card Pile are gone, reshuffle the communal discard pile in order to make a New Club Card Pile.

Penalty Strokes: Penalty Strokes are assessed when the sum of a player’s total Club Card yardage is greater than the hole's yardage. Refer to the Penalty Stroke Chart to determine how many Penalty Strokes to assess.

Penalty Stroke Chart
Yards Over the Hole
Penalty Strokes

Scoring: Each player receives a score on each of the 18-holes. Each Club Card counts as one (1) stroke. A players’ score on each hole is determined by adding the number of Club Cards used on the hole with the number of Penalty Strokes that player had. A scorekeeper should be chosen before starting play. The individual hole scores for each player are kept on the scorecard in the same way golfers keep score during a normal round of golf. After all players have completed a hole, the scorekeeper marks down the individual scores on the scorecard. The scorekeeper should tally the scores after 9-holes to give players an idea of where they stand and then again after 18-holes to determine a winner.


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