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Card Golf Fundraising Program

Card Golf is proud to offer deeply discounted product to non-profit organizations for fundraising purposes. The Card Golf Fundraising Program is open to high school golf teams, educational golf programs, charities and foundations. The Fundraising Program is designed to help you raise money that can be used for equipment, travel and/or other golf related expenses.

Here's an example of how the Program could work for your group:
Request 100 decks at only $3.00 per deck
You pay nothing for 30 days
You're able to sell 80 decks at $10 per deck, earning a total of $800
Return the 20 unsold decks within 30 days

We will only charge you $240 (80 x $3), giving you a profit of $560 to use for golf related expenses

It's that simple

Here's how to get started:
Print, complete and submit the Card Golf Fundraising Program Application.
Upon acceptance, the number of Card Golf decks you requested will be shipped to you.
Distribute decks of Card Golf to your team/group members. Remember to keep track of how many decks you give to each participant
The suggested fundraiser price per deck is $10. Simply talk with friends and family members about purchasing one or more decks form you. They get a great game for a great price and your team/organization gets to keep $7 per deck.

After your fundraiser program ends simply return any unsold decks (must be in unwrapped new condition) for comparable credit to Card Golf returns:

Card Golf
Attn: Fundraiser Returns
3131 Haidas Avenue
San Diego, CA 92117

Checks submitted with your application will be held for thirty-days (30). If you chose to pay by credit card than your credit card will be charged thirty-days (30) after the original shipment. The charge will be $3 times the number of decks not returned.


Card Golf Fundraising Program Application


If you have any comments or questions about the Card Golf Fundraising Program please email us at


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