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About Card Golf
2-Deck Pack of Card Golf
2-Game Pack of Card Golf

Card Golf is a unique new golf game that allows you to play golf anytime, anywhere. You can now enjoy playing Card Golf with the family and friends, just for fun or to teach them about the game of golf. Card Golf is a perfect golf gift item. With the 2-Deck pack you can give one game away and keep the other game for yourself. The 2-Deck Pack of Card Golf is the way to go and save 10%.

Price:    $17.90    $15.95


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Product Features
Contains the same strategies as golf
Golfers & non-golfers can learn the game in two minutes
Great way to learn or touch up on your math skills
Small & lightweight - fits in your golf bag for play before or after a round of golf
Play any course in the world, at anytime, at no cost - all you need is the scorecard
1 deck for singles & twosomes, 2 decks are needed for threesomes & foursomes
Fun way to teach someone about the game of golf
For ages 10 and up
Product Reviews & Testimonials
"Every weekend I'm forced to sit on the couch and watch golf with my husband. I never understood the game very well until we played Card Golf. Not only was it a fun game to play, but it I learned a lot about the game of golf in general."
- non-golfing wife Mora Cannon, California

"I used to play solitaire or watch the lame movie shown on cross country flights. Now I print out a couple scorecards before my trip and play Card Golf. Much better."
- golf fanatic Jim Fonda , North Carolina

"I've never played golf. Thought it was a stupid, boring game. Then my husband and I played a round of Card Golf and I only lost by one stroke. I now have what's called the 'card golf bug'"
- new golf fan Debra Williams, Texas
"At 92 years old, my Mom stopped playing golf a few years ago. Now she is "back on the course" playing and enjoying your game."
- son Richard J. Peterson, New Jersey

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